Vauxhall to show ‘expressive’ new concept in coming months

Vauxhall will debut an ‘expressive’ new concept car in the coming months previewing the brand’s new design language. And it will give us a glimpse of what to expect from the new Corsa supermini due in 2019.

A teaser image flashed up during a press conference gives us a clue as to how the new concept will look. Likely to be an evolution of the GT Concept that was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2016, the concept is also designed to give us a look further into Vauxhall’s future product plans.

“The concept is where we are going with the brand portfolio in the future,” Vauxhall’s Vice-President of design Mark Adams told Auto Express. “You’ll get some of the flavor and some of the ingredients but we’re trying to push the boundary with the concept beyond the Corsa.”

The design of the next generation Corsa and its fully electric sibling have been signed off. Adams told Auto Express that he and his team had to start the project again from scratch when Opel/Vauxhall was taken over by PSA.

Adams added: “Design has a timeless quality that we want to capture. Core to Vauxhall and Opel is German engineering but we will become more expressive with our design going forward.”

Elsewhere at Vauxhall, the firm has confirmed a plug-in hybrid version of the Grandland X will be one of four electrified models launched by 2020. Following it will be the electric Corsa, while an updated Ampera-e – not sold in the UK – and a plug-in hybrid Vivaro are expected to be the other two models.

By 2024 every model line will be offered with an electrified powertrain as Vauxhall’s product portfolio begins to make the shift form GM to PSA components.

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